pH meter, how much do you know?

Everyone should have studied chemistry. The pH meter is a commonly used instrument and equipment, also known as a PH meter. It is mainly used to accurately measure the pH value of liquid medium. The corresponding ion selection electrode can also measure the MV value of the ion electrode. I

Five ways to identify the quality of TIMKEN bearings

The quality of the TIMKEN bearing in use directly affects the working effect of the machine, so it is necessary to judge whether the quality of the bearing has reached the standard before use. Today, we will analyze the specific method of judgment. Judging whether TIMKEN bearing outer pac

Where are the domestic equipment?

I. Development status: Zhu Xing, a professor at Peking University’s School of Physics: The current situation is domestically researched investment in fixed assets of trillions of yuan, 60% of which is used to purchase imported equipment, and 100% of high-end equipment in some fiel