Lightbox introduction and overall design

The light box is a photo-aging photo-aging tester that simulates the ultraviolet light in sunlight and reproduces the damage caused by rain and dew. Tests are conducted by placing the test material in a controlled cycle of exposure to sunlight and moisture, and increasing the temperature

Infrared thermometer advances industrial structure upgrade

With the in-depth implementation of the 12th Five-Year Plan, the development of new industries with Chinese characteristics has become a top priority in the development of the industrial sector. Under the guidelines and leadership of “Planning”, the nationwide industry has cont

Dealer's auto sales margin dropped

According to statistics, during the first half of this year, the domestic automotive industry recovered and the auto market sales grew rapidly. However, the market competition became more fierce, the auto prices declined, and the car dealers’ sales revenue increased slightly, but th

How to solve the welding machine

A Mma Welding Machine may possibly be considered a advanced machine, as opposed to the stick welder. You can get rid of a great offer of your time when be particular you wait around for somebody else to fix the MIG. if you understand essential troubleshooting for the welding machines, y