Analysis and Treatment of Locomotive Air Compressor Failure

Analysis and treatment of locomotive diesel engine 2 s 3 years locomotive air compressor without wind failure Liang Bin Zhuzhou Vehicle Factory, Hunan Zhuzhou 0031 fault finding idea The main circuit diagram of the air compressor of the 10 type hydraulic transmission diesel locomotive and the air

The working principle of piston compressor

The compressor is mainly composed of a body, a crankshaft connecting rod, a cylinder piston, an intake and exhaust valve, and the like. When the crankshaft is running by the motor. The piston is driven to reciprocate in the cylinder through the connecting rod, and the process of compressing, exha

What is a compressed air refrigerated dryer?

The refrigerating dryer, referred to as the dryer, is the most commonly used water removal drying equipment in compressed air aftertreatment systems. It uses the principle that wet air has a constant moisture content (mg/m3) as the temperature decreases, and uses refrigeration technology to reduce

Air compressor installation location selection

1. When installing the air compressor, it is necessary to have a wide lighting area for operation and maintenance. 2. The relative humidity of the air should be low, the dust is small, the air is clean and well ventilated, away from inflammable and explosive, corrosive chemicals and harmful unsaf