Soil Fertility Tester's powerful functional advantages

The soil nutrient differentiation tester is controlled by a microcomputer and has a high test accuracy. It is displayed in Chinese and has a large screen. The operation is very quick. The results can be produced in 5 minutes. The volume is also small and the supporting facilities are comp

Drilling operation

【China Deep Hole Rig Trading Network】 Drilling site construction First, according to different types of drilling rig construction drilling rig specifications According to the drilling design (depth, inclination, direction), use the rig type and on-site construction co

How to quickly cool the car after exposure

When the car was exposed for several hours under the hot sun, the door opened and the heat wave rushed forward. Many people would immediately turn on the air conditioner. They did not know that this would have wasted a lot of energy. Many commuter owners, who usually stay indoors at work, only hav

Heat pump drying equipment necessary for rural areas

At present, most heat pump drying companies are performing precipitation of drying processes and production technologies. Experts said that the most heat pump drying project is agricultural and sideline products, which determines the market is in rural areas, and the favorable conditions in rural