Mine control impact rock pressure requirements

Mine control impact rock pressure requirements [Procedures] Article 228 The mine prevention and control of ground pressure (hereinafter referred to as anti-shock) shall comply with the following provisions: (1) Establish specialized institutions and personnel. (2) Adhere to the principle of "

How to avoid the impact of wireless transmission delay

When it comes to wireless transmission, people have subconsciously questioned the problem of high speed and delay. In fact, the speed of wireless transmission is not slow, and wireless transmission technology is changing with each passing day. Problems with high wireless latency can be solved thro

Zhaochi shares will increase the layout of LED chips

In recent years, the domestic LED production scale has grown rapidly, the market competition is fierce, and the industry monopoly has gradually formed. At the 2017 annual report exchange meeting held by Zhaochi Co., Ltd., Gu Wei, chairman of Zhaochi, said that the company will increase investment in