Dalian rubber plastic machinery market prospects

Dalian Rubber Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. is the predecessor of Dalian Rubber Plastic Machinery Factory, which was established in 1907. It is the leading factory and export base of China's rubber and plastics machinery industry. It is the first company in the industry to obtain ISO9001 quality

Control valve basic knowledge

First, the control valve selection A, the importance of control valve selection Valve is the control system in the actuator, its application quality directly reflects the quality of the system adjustment. As a terminal element in process control, people are more aware of its importance than the past

Domestic largest ketone benzene dewaxing device

On June 27, the 600,000-ton ketobenzene dewaxing unit of Fushun Petrochemical Co., Ltd., which was built by PetroChina Liujian Petrochemical Company, was successfully delivered. This marks the completion of a single kerosene-benzene project with the largest single production capacity in the country

Strength is inextricably linked

Recently, Chengxi Shipyard of Shanghai Chengxi Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. successfully delivered the 74,000-ton self-unloading ship “Agsey” modified by Canadian Steamship Company (CSL). The successful modification of the ship not only shows the strength of Chengxi Shipyard, but also achieve