Metso Automation exhibits ND9000 fully intelligent valve positioner

At the 4th China International Fieldbus and Industrial Automation Instrumentation Exhibition, Metso Automation (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. brought a fully intelligent valve controller and held a special technical lecture.

The ND9000 is an advanced, fully intelligent valve positioner for cylinders of various control valves in all industrial applications. Its unique diagnostic capabilities and unparalleled performance ensure high quality products in a variety of industrial and mining applications. The ND9000 is a reliable, forward-looking product and is supported by Metso FieldCare software throughout the campaign.


· Excellent control for angular and straight stroke valves

·Reliable and sturdy design

·Easy to use

·Local / remote / operation

·Extensible design structure

Advanced device diagnostics include

- self-diagnosis

——Online diagnosis

——Communication diagnosis

- offline diagnosis

——Intelligent diamond diagnosis


· Interoperable communication solutions


——Foundation Fieldbus

- Profibus PA

·Limit switch

·Valve position transmitter (only for HART protocol)

User cost considerations

· Reduced energy consumption and air consumption

Forward-looking design brings low-cost upgrades

· Optimized module mode, reducing the number of spare parts

· Can replace existing positioners (Neles or other company products)

Reduce process variations

·Valve installation flow characteristics linearization

· Excellent dynamic and static control performance

Fast response and accurate internal measurement

Easy to install and configure

·The same positioner can be used for angular stroke and straight stroke valves, double acting and single acting cylinders

·Simple calibration and configuration

- use the local user interface

- Remote operation using FieldCare software

·Embedded installation without connecting tubes and other mounting accessories

Low power design for all common control systems

Open plan

· Compatible with software and hardware from other manufacturers, and a system with other field devices for perfect control

· FDT is a configuration tool supported by most manufacturers

ND9000 fieldbus capability


· Leading communication performance diagnosis

· Easy product upgrade, just by replacing the communication board

ND9000 connection to cylinders and valves

· Can be installed on single-acting and double-acting actuators

·Applicable to angular stroke valves and straight stroke valves

·Embedded assembly

· Add electronic and mechanical parts in the future.

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