Multi-directional movement design of machining center

Many manufacturers proposed the “six-sided” and “coordinated motion” machine design concepts, in which linear motion machines arranged in multiple directions can use the CNC method to achieve the same accuracy in the XYZ direction as the standard machine tools.

However, there are few users who use this kind of machine tool in actual production. Buyers often prefer the standard design of the machine tool in actual purchase, but at the exhibition, the machine tool purchaser may often be attracted by the complicated movement of this machine tool.

But at present, an important development has been neglected in the presence of such elaborate "fancy" machine tools. Some machining centers that use similar concepts - synthetic motion manufacturing - have begun to emerge. In synthetic motion machines, different components move in different directions in X, Y, and Z, but their design is derived from the functions of standard machine tools.



Here are two examples. One is the "relative motion" machining center of Olympic Seiki (Vigo Machinery in the US). These machines do not perform individual tool movements or table movements, but they both move at the same time. In the X-axis and Z-axis directions, the ball screw moves the table and the tool in the opposite direction. The lateral feed rate of the tool relative to the part is the sum of the feed rates of the two elements. Acceleration is similar, the smaller machine, the acceleration is 2g. In addition to speed, another advantage is high stability. The matching elements move in a symmetrical manner. Machines using this design have better dynamic balance.


Pivot connectors provide movement in the x direction

Another machine that uses the synthetic motion concept design is the Genius 500 horizontal machining center produced by Gross Hüller (now owned by MAG IAS). In this machine tool, the X-axis motion is from side to side, and the components move up and down along the Y-axis. The inverted V-shaped connector drives the main shaft. This type of inverted V-shaped cross-load between two linear motors allows up and down movement. When the linear motor moves at the same speed, the movement on the Y axis is realized; when the linear motor moves at different speeds, the shift of the center of gravity occurs, and the movement in the X axis direction is realized.

This eliminates the need for a motor that specifically drives the X-axis movement, thereby bringing convenience to the design. Regardless of whether the X-axis or Y-axis movement, the axial motor's force is always along the direction of gravity, and the machine tool is well supported in this direction, so the machine tool can quickly move the tool in the XY axis while ensuring the axial motor No side pull will occur.

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