The Brands of Commercial Vehicles Made by Autonomous Brands Participate in Hot Spots——Recording on the 2007 Top Ten Engine Selection of Borg Warner Cup "China Hearts"

Recently, the participation of independent brand manufacturers and active participation in large-displacement engines have become two hot spots in the 2007 Top Ten Engine Selection of the “Chinese Heart” of the Borg Warner Cup. This reporter interviewed the relevant person of the organizer "Automotive and Sports" magazine for the first time.

The self-owned brand engine started the "local defense battle"

On July 8th, Li Xiaofei, editor of the "Cars and Sports" engine column, came to the office to compile information on the top ten engine selection for the 2007 Borg Warner Cup "China Hearts". Compared with the 2006 top ten engine selection activities, the number of enterprises that have actively enrolled in this year's election has increased significantly. The participating materials have been more detailed and rich. Some companies have not only provided all the data and materials according to the application form for the election, but also Test reports on emissions and energy consumption by national testing organizations such as the Tianjin Automobile Inspection Center and Chongqing Automobile Testing Center were also submitted to the jury. Because of this, Li Xiaofei, one of the top ten engine judges, must work overtime to handle a large amount of data processing.

Li Xiaofei told reporters who came to interview: “From the data, it can be seen that major auto manufacturers and engine manufacturers in China have recognized the influence of the top ten engine selections and their importance to corporate brand building. The automobile core technology is gradually becoming an important basis for consumers to select cars and purchase cars. The evaluation system, evaluation indicators and selection results of the top ten engine selections just meet the needs of manufacturers and consumers.”

Comparing the two registration companies, the reporter found that last year a total of 36 models of 19 companies registered to participate in the election, and the independent brands had only 5 models of 3 companies. Among the 59 models of the 34 companies registered this year, their own brands jumped to 13 models of 25 models, an increase of more than 300% year-on-year. The high enthusiasm for participating in the independent brands and the number of models participating in the election are greatly beyond people’s expectations. In the finalist list released on July 9th, 39 models of 23 companies were short-listed. The reporter found 17 models of 9 independent brand companies, which accounted for almost half of the finalists. A major highlight of the event.
Zhou Lijuan, publisher and editor-in-chief of Auto and Sports magazine, told reporters: “Some people say that last year’s top ten engine selection was 'a foreign brand singing show and a domestic brand watching play’. This year, our selection can be described as 'hometown of independent brands'. "Defend the war."
For the first time, the "Top Displacement" was introduced in the Top Ten Selections.
In the interview, Li Xiaofei also told reporters that the registration of large-displacement commercial vehicle engine manufacturers can be said to be the second highlight of this selection. According to the reporter's understanding, the world's engine selection represented by the Ward's Top Ten engine selection in the United States is now focused on the passenger vehicle area. Why does the BorgWarner Cup "China Heart" 2007 Top Ten Engine Selection introduce large-displacement commercial vehicle engine candidates?
"The introduction of large-displacement commercial vehicle engines can be considered as a Chinese-style creation we selected." Zhou Lijuan said that compared to the car market, its own brand share in the commercial vehicle market is much higher than that of the joint venture. And imported brands. The introduction of these large-displacement commercial vehicle engines will not only be a demonstration of China's independent R&D, but also an incentive for the entire Chinese engine industry.
According to report, the introduction of the top ten engine selection engine for large-displacement commercial vehicles is mainly based on the following two considerations.
First, the total volume and market share of domestic commercial vehicles determine their indispensable position. Therefore, the top ten engine selection should not lack the large-displacement commercial vehicle engine. Commercial vehicles are production tools and money making tools for consumers, so they have higher sensitivity to engine performance. For the entire automotive market, the inventory of these large-displacement engines, energy-saving and environmental protection indicators are closely related to the public interest of the society.
Secondly, the original intention of this selection was to promote the technological advancement of the Chinese automobile industry in the field of media and establish the evaluation platform as a platform for demonstrating advanced engine technology. In recent years, domestic commercial vehicle engine plants have continuously introduced technology and independent development in the field of large-displacement engines, which has improved the technical level of domestic large-displacement engines. Some companies have developed models that are close to the world's leading level. This trend is positive. It is this selection that is promoted and encouraged.
The election is not only for winning
Why does the selection of an auto parts assembly attract many companies? What is the purpose of these companies keen to participate? What are the irreplaceable features of engine selection compared with other selections? With these questions, the reporter interviewed several companies that signed up and participated.
Xia Zhibing, general manager of BYD Auto Sales Co., Ltd., said: “This is a very professional selection and is the only domestic selection for the engine. Being able to compete with many international companies on this platform is a reflection of our technical strength. If we can win, Its value is self-evident. Therefore, although BYD is the first time to participate in the election, it is very positive. Making an objective and real comparison in the selection process will greatly promote the brand image of our products. BYD's development has always depended on it. It is the independent research and development. This professional selection of display technology strength is of great significance to us. It is also very meaningful for all automotive companies that rely on independent research and development."
Li Zhenghui, Director of Public Affairs and Communications of Shanghai General Motors Co., Ltd., said: “The “Top Ten” engine selection campaign of “China Hearts” has caused great repercussions among the industry and consumers. Among them, the LaCrosse Ecotec 2.4L D-VVT engine has been awarded the title of “Top Ten Engines”. This year, this engine was once again selected, fully confirming its strong technical and performance advantages.The Cadillac Polaris engine was able to stand for election and is also a recognition for us. "Cars and Sports" as the authoritative professional car magazine , to host such a selection, to do a practical job for the domestic consumers."
As the sponsor of this year's selection of title sponsor, Shen Hui, President of BorgWarner China, said: “This selection activity is both professional and innovative, and it has far-reaching significance. The current state is committed to the construction of a conservation-oriented environmental protection society, reflecting that the automotive industry is reducing emissions. And improving fuel economy, and the performance of the engine is most directly related to these two aspects.This selection can not only promote the engine design, manufacturing and quality improvement, but also actively respond to the government's call.The Chinese engine industry has a huge Potential and development prospects. BorgWarner hopes to contribute its own strength."
With so many manufacturers' approval, Zhou Lijuan felt both pressure and confidence. She said: “The significance of the top ten engine selections is not just the selection of 10 engines. As a professional media, “Cars and Sports” has the responsibility to undertake the mission of public opinion and make the top ten engine selection activities a professional and authoritative. , a fair evaluation platform; to promote rational consumption of automobiles, and promote the independent development of China's auto industry."
Dispel the dispute with action
The reporter learned that this activity was also controversial when it was first created last year. At that time, many people believed that the overall level of the Chinese automobile engine industry was in the middle and lower reaches of the world. Such an environment is not suitable for engine selection. There are also people who believe that the major players in the automotive industry today are joint venture car brands. They are relatively leading players in the vehicle and engine sectors, and they must not allow the engines of these companies to participate in China’s engine selection. If they are allowed to participate, they should be allowed How does the engine compare?
Faced with these doubts, the team of "Cars and Sports" did not withdraw, but used real work to do it.
“Everybody’s views are understandable. But the greatest significance of the engine selection is that it is rooted in China, and time will prove its value.” Zhang Lingxi, one of the executive editors of the “Cars and Sports” magazine and one of the ten judges of the engine selection, told reporters Says, “The automotive industry’s selection has a lot of value because of its regional characteristics. For example, in Europe and North America, the annual model selection and engine selection, the same year the winning models and engines are not the same, and the difference is very large. This shows that different The market has different needs, and these selections represent the consumption values ​​of the local auto market, and the significance and value of the top ten engine selections are obvious in the Chinese auto market with the most rapid global growth. The 10 engines are the most important engine for the Chinese market in 2006. We should not give this right to vote."
Expert judges are guaranteed
According to Zhou Lijuan, the “Top Ten Chinese Engines of the Year” has established a relatively complete evaluation system for the ten best engines of the year. The core of this is the jury composed of several experts from the national engine research field.
“The expert judges are the guarantees for the professionalism, authority and fairness of the “Top Ten Engines of the Year” in the “China Hearts.” Our jury is different from foreign media reporters, but has formed a jury with experts as the main supplement and some reporters as supplements. Yes," said Zhou Lijuan.
Since the first session, the top ten engine evaluation committees have been unanimously approved by participating companies. Several of the expert judges have been engaged in research work on automobiles and engines all year round, and they are all authoritative in their respective fields. The jury uses their expert perspective to ensure that the selection is technical, professional and forward-looking. The media judges of the jury gave full play to their strengths in knowing the market and understanding consumer demand.
Establish an evaluation system that conforms to China's national conditions
It is understood that the top ten engine evaluation system, in addition to the detailed requirements for the registration engine model qualifications, also established four evaluation indicators: performance indicators, technical advancement indicators, market acceptance and test performance.
In terms of performance indicators, the judges independently rated each engine by comparing the engine's performance parameters with reference to displacement, fuel type, and matching models. Specific comparison items include maximum power, maximum torque, fuel consumption index, emission index, and power increase.
In terms of technological advancement, the judges mainly examined the design concept, forward-lookingness, design accuracy, and product stability of the engine.
The engine's market acceptance is the third indicator of the selection, and it is also an indicator of this year's demand. The judges will evaluate the monthly average sales of each engine fitted model. At the same time, the judges also considered that the sales of high-end models could not be compared with entry models, and they would evaluate this indicator on the basis of different market positioning.
The test performance is based on the subjective feelings of the judges and examines the dynamic performance of the engine. At present, the jury has developed a series of test items and evaluation indicators. For some commercial vehicle testing problems that some manufacturers are concerned about, there are also solutions. The jury will evaluate more from the aspects of comfort, environmental protection, and energy conservation.
The reporter specially interviewed Wang Binggang, director of the current evaluation committee and leader of the National Clean Vehicle Action Coordination Leading Group Expert Group. He said: “The “Top Ten Engines of the Year” evaluation system of China’s “China Heart” refers to the advanced experience of similar international competitions, combined with specific national conditions, and a set of rules formed by combining existing conditions. From the current implementation, this approach It is reasonable and feasible, and it can completely select the engine that represents the highest level in China."
It has been revealed that at present, the organizers of the organizers are cooperating with the jury, actively communicating with, and coordinating with, and collecting information about some judges who are interested or in doubt. At the same time, it is also arranging for the commissioning of some models to strive for the judges to have a clear understanding and experience of all the short-listed models in the months of July, August and September.
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