China Heavy Duty Truck sold 10,000 units per month

In March, China National Heavy Duty Trucks achieved a historic breakthrough in the production and sales of 10,000 heavy-duty vehicles in a single month, marking a new milestone.

China National Heavy Duty Truck produced and sold 3,800 units in 2000 before restructuring, and in 2006 it exceeded 60,000 units. In March this year, it produced and sold 10,000 units. In six years, production and sales volume increased by about 16 times, and the market share increased from 4%. To 19.58%, it has become one of the fastest growing companies in the heavy truck industry in China and even in the world.

In the past six years, China National Heavy Duty Truck has closely followed the development trend of heavy trucks in the world and invested more than 4 billion yuan in product research and development. It has cultivated nine series of products, including HOWO, King Steyr, and King Prince. From 78 to more than 2,100 models, it has become the most comprehensive heavy-duty vehicle manufacturer in terms of domestic driving methods and tonnage coverage. At present, HOWO heavy truck production and sales have accounted for 75% of China's heavy truck sales. Sinotruk also gained nearly a third of the market share in the cement mixer market.
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