Beijing supermarkets send plastic bags up to 30,000 yuan

The news of supermarket plastic bags charging since June 1st caused heated discussions among the members of the CPPCC. Everyone gave suggestions and suggestions and suggested that the government issue preferential policies for companies that produce degradable and easily degradable products; they should provide customers with their own bags. Quick checkout channels are convenient. Cheng Ming, member of the People's Political Consultative Conference and Director of the Treaty and Law Department of the Ministry of Commerce, disclosed that the Ministry of Commerce's Regulation on Paid Use of Plastic Bags in Large Markets is being worked out, and it is planned to impose a fine of up to 30,000 yuan on companies that use plastic bags illegally.
Committee members suggested that people with shopping bags who can advance checkout CPPCC committee members and Vice President of the Central University for Nationalities Guo Weiping suggested that relevant departments should increase publicity efforts before implementing paid use, such as placing advertisements in prominent areas such as supermarkets to let citizens know about the new regulation. Committee member Guo Weiping suggested that commercial retail outlets should encourage everyone to bring their own shopping bags. For example, in supermarkets, quick channels can be set up to allow people with their own shopping bags to check out this channel and save time.
Promote citizens to make their own shopping bags. “Even with reusable green shopping bags, when you purchase multiple different types of goods, you need to sort and pack. People still use plastic bags, and they will form a big green bag. The situation of several small plastic bags.” Tian Xiaojun, a member of the People’s Political Consultative Conference and the first vocational school in Daxing District, yesterday put forward a proposal for a new regulation on restricted plastic bags at the CPPCC session. She suggested that the public be encouraged to use their own waste materials to make their own personalized shopping bags. Government departments should provide necessary subsidies to manufacturers who sell green shopping bags and ensure that they are sold at a cost price to the public so that everyone can gradually develop the habit of using green shopping bags.
Producers of biodegradable bags should be given preferential treatment by CPPCC members and members of the Beijing Committee of the Democratic National Construction Association, Chen Bailing, suggesting that the government should open up green channels for taxation, funds, etc. for companies that produce degradable and easily degradable products. Bag manufacturers encourage their conversion, and the government provides interest-free loan funds or financial support for the transformation of their equipment to produce biodegradable, easily degradable plastic substitutes as soon as possible. "The cost incurred by the government, business, and consumers is each one-third."
Authoritative statement: The plastic bag must be charged at a fee. "The Ministry of Commerce is drafting the Regulations on Paid Use of Plastic Bags in Large Markets. It will soon seek advice from the community," said Shang Ming, member of the People's Political Consultative Conference and Director of the Treaty and Law Department of the Ministry of Commerce. It is understood that the existing "Regulations" draft intends to impose a deadline for corrections, warnings, public announcements, and a maximum fine of 30,000 yuan in penalties for enterprises that violate the use of plastic bags.
According to reports, the Ministry of Commerce has invited some supermarkets and shopping malls to hold talks on the issue of plastic bag charges. The most worrying business concern is not the pricing issue. It is the unfair implementation of standards and unfair competition. "Therefore, we will make strict and punitive measures." Providing free plastic bags in various disguised forms such as discounts and membership cards will be strictly prohibited. "(Plastic bags) will surely be charged independently."
It has been revealed that the plastic bags to be charged are currently limited to bags with pickpockets, while the cutting bags used for packing fruits and vegetables may not be charged for the time being. The specific plan is expected to openly solicit opinions from the public through the Internet in the near future.

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