Jita Dry won the bid to contract multiple equipment contracts

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China Drying Network Recently, Shandong Huge Seasoning Foods Co., Ltd. and Jinda Dry have signed several equipment contracts for the chicken production line. At present, Jinda Drying has entered an intense processing production.

Founded in 1989, Shandong Huge Seasoning Food Co., Ltd. is located in Lubei Plain, which is located in Leling City, Shandong Province, China's largest condiment distribution center and hometown of Jinsixiaozao, a well-known Chinese and foreign country, and has strong technical strength. The high management level has become a reliable guarantee for the company's superior product quality and excellent reputation. It has been awarded the “model private enterprise” by Dezhou City and the famous brand products in Shandong Province.

The chicken essence drying project was set up in an urgent time with high requirements. At the end of August this year, an open tender was held. During the bidding process, Shandong Seasoning Seasoning Co., Ltd. carried out an item-by-item review of the company's scale, qualifications, and programs. Jingda Dry was selected as the successful bidder.

Chicken essence is a must-have good food for hotel and family cooking. The increasing sales volume and the improvement of drying efficiency play a crucial role in production. The process of chicken production line is roughly as follows: crushing (accessories: salt, sugar, monosodium glutamate) - mixing (raw materials) - granulation - drying - sieving, according to the requirements of Shandong Great Seasoning Food Co., Ltd., Jinda drying CH-500 trough mixer, ZLB-300 rotary granulator, ZLG-8*1 vibration fluidized bed, FS-0.8*2.4 square sieve. Among them, for the vibrating fluidized bed, Kinda drying was upgraded in the original design, highlighting the convenience of the use of the equipment. There are nine observation holes in the upper bed, all made into a quick-opening structure, which facilitates cleaning and installation. 3 bimetal thermometers, convenient for debugging, adding partitions between the preheating section, drying section, and cooling section of the fluidized bed and the bed body to prevent cross-winding, and the under-bed body stickers and outsourcing stainless steels are fully welded. To facilitate the cleaning of equipment and ensure the cleanliness of the product.

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