What are the advantages of compressor jet boosting technology?

The Jet Enhancement System is a new system consisting of a jet booster compressor, a jet booster technology, and a high efficiency subcooler. The combination of these three technologies provides efficient performance. This is an organic whole, that is, the efficient jet-enhanced compressor, the high-efficiency subcooler and the econductor formed by the electronic expansion valve, and the high-efficiency heat exchanger together constitute an energy-efficient jet system.
The jet-enhanced compressor adopts a two-stage throttling intermediate jet technology, which uses a flasher to perform gas-liquid separation to achieve the effect of increasing the enthalpy. It is cooled by jet mixing at medium and low pressures, and then compressed normally at high pressure to increase the displacement of the compressor and achieve the purpose of improving heating capacity in a low temperature environment. The jet booster compressor was proposed by Copeland and is widely used in scroll compressors. In 2013, Meizhi broke through the structural constraints, and jet boosting was also applied to rotary compressors.
The high-efficiency subcooler also plays a key role in the whole system. On the one hand, the main circulation circuit refrigerant is overcooled before throttling to increase the enthalpy difference; on the other hand, the auxiliary circuit (this refrigerant will be from the middle of the compressor) The low-pressure low-temperature refrigerant that has been depressurized by the electronic expansion valve is directly preheated to achieve a suitable medium pressure and is supplied to the compressor for secondary compression.
1. Energy-saving and efficient The average energy-efficiency ratio of all models is 3.58. The average energy-efficiency ratio of all models is 4.32. The average energy-to-efficiency ratio of all models is 3.95, which is the highest level in the industry. This is due to the use of advanced technologies – jet boosting systems, efficient heat exchanger technology, efficient fan motors, and optimized hood design. Operating costs during cooling and heating are greatly reduced.
2, performance under the cold is safe and reliable. The jet-enhanced series of products realizes the heating operation within -25 °C ~ 29 °C. The increase of the heating capacity of the compressor under severe cold is enhanced by the jet increase, and the heating capacity at -15 °C. Increased by nearly 20%-50%, leading the multi-line into the "strong cold" era.
When the outdoor temperature is very low, the heat exchange capacity of the outdoor unit is reduced, the return air volume of the normal return port of the compressor is reduced, and the power of the compressor is lowered, and the best effect cannot be exerted. However, the refrigerant gas is replenished through the intermediate pressure return air injection port, thereby increasing the displacement of the compressor, and the circulating refrigerant amount of the indoor unit heat exchanger heating is increased to increase the heating capacity. Therefore, it is more suitable for cold regions.
What are the advantages of compressor jet boosting technology?
The normal operation at -25 °C guarantees the heating demand in the cold winter. Unlike central heating systems, which provide heat during the period, 24-hour continuous heating ensures that the interior is warm and spring-like. An advanced control system ensures that the room temperature is controlled at +/- 0.5 °C. The reliable platform based on digital scroll compressor technology makes the compressor failure rate less than 0.005%, ensuring reliable operation throughout the year. There is no need for hot water pipes in the entire system, and no water damage accidents will occur.
3, control simple and powerful multi-host combination into a variety of modules, through the computer to achieve parameter settings, air conditioning status query and other functions, to achieve lower line costs, automatic air conditioning management, making control easier.
4. The health and environmental protection system does not need to change the power frequency when it is running. The compressor is simply a mechanical movement of load and unloading. It does not cause interference electromagnetic waves to cause power pollution and radiation pollution, which affects the normal operation of other equipment and does not affect the human body. Electromagnetic radiation is generated, and the high-order harmonics generated by the inverter air conditioner during the frequency conversion process are very harmful to the human body and to precision instruments. And the use of environmentally friendly refrigerant R407c, R407c is a suitable environmentally friendly refrigerant to replace R22, will not destroy the ozone layer, in line with the international convention "Montreal Protocol."
5, flexible and beautiful on-demand heating, not subject to the heating season. The cost is generated according to the actual heating situation, and the billing is reasonable. Direct use of the central air conditioning system, without the need to connect to the city pipe network or set up a boiler room, saving investment in other equipment. There is no need to increase the electrical capacity compared to an air conditioning system that uses an auxiliary electric heater. It is easy to install and integrates with the home decoration to create a comfortable and beautiful home and office environment. No need for professional daily maintenance, worry and effort.

By-pass assembly has two positions; by-pass and close. It is in by-pass position during trip operation, and circulates mud fluid in the drill string into the annular space by-passing the idle motor, so that no mud may spray out onto the platform during the trip operation. When mud flow rate and pressure reach the setting value, the valve stem moves down and closes the valve. Meanwhile, mud stream flows through the motor, and converts the pressure energy into mechanical energy. As mud flow rate is too low, or mud pump stops, and as the pressure produced is not enough to overcome the spring force and the static friction force, the spring presses the stem upward, and by-pass is in open position. In general, the cross-over subs are used in deep well, large angle well, horizontal well or when hollow rotor is selected.

By-pass Assembly And Parts

By-Pass Assembly And Parts

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