What is the structure of rock?

The structure of rock refers to a macroscopic state formed by the dynamic geological action of rock when it is formed and after it is formed. Mainly refers to bedding, lamella and cracks. The bedding shows a change in the composition of the rock in the vertical direction. The slice is the ability o

Calcination method of Jatylo Neff arsenic gold ore (2)

The first - commonly referred to paragraph firing arsenic removal section. Here, the temperature is controlled at 925 O F and the oxygen supply is controlled to the lowest value. In order to ensure the removal of arsenic in the form of trivalent god, it is usually kept in the reduced state at the b

Study on ultrafine active zinc oxide by ammonia method

According to the National Collaborative Group survey zinc salts, zinc oxide overseas industrial development is more mature, in recent years, in a relatively stable state, the consumption of zinc oxide in 1999, the United States, Japan, Western Europe, a total of 5.823 million tons, the actual outpu

Precious metal environmental material

Metal compound widely used in catalytic plating, pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals, photosensitive material, sensitive element, chemical materials and the like. At present, after long-term research and practice, our company has formed a batch trial production capability, can provide dozens of various

Factors affecting the cooling of sinter ore (1)

1. Overview When the sintering process reaches the end point, the red hot sinter is removed from the sintering machine. The average temperature of the sinter is usually 600-800 ° C. This red hot sinter is transported to the blast furnace. It will add a series of difficulties to transportation an

Typical complex collector

Such collectors , such as 8 -hydroxyquinoline, have the structural formula: It is an amphoteric collector, various metal ions and 8 - hydroxyquinoline different values within the range of PH, may form a precipitate exceeds this range, some precipitate redissolved. It is currently used for sorti