· Shenyang car production exceeds one million

It is understood that in 2003, Shenyang's automobile production was only 100,000 units, and in 2010 it exceeded 500,000 units. In recent years, Shenyang City has made great efforts to develop the automobile industry as an important starting point for the revitalization of old industrial bases a

Germany: The future of electric cars?

Germany, which has implemented the “auto manufacturing” market, knows the development trend of the global automotive industry. As early as in 2009, it set a grand goal to make Germany's electric vehicle usage reach 1 million by around 2020. The German government has already

Food and beverage machinery industry trends

The development of beverage machinery expands the market for beverage demand, and at the same time it also promotes the follow-up of innovative beverage thinking and the development of beverage machinery companies. Today, the scale of beverage machinery companies is much larger than that o